Hope UMC Blue Earth

Hope UMC Blue Earth

Welcome to Hope UMC!

We gather for worship Sunday Mornings @9am. Or join us on Facebook to watch a live stream of our worship.

12080 380th Ave , Blue Earth , MN 56013
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(507) 526-2144

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The United Methodist Church

Adult Ministries

Bible study groups – We have a Bible every Thursday morning @ 10am. There is no prep required and its ok to miss a week or two because the lessons are independent of each other. Each week we gather and read the scripture text that Pastor Lee will be preaching on, and we discuss it. 

And God GroupsWant to connect with like-minded folks? Well, our "And God Groups" are the perfect thing for you. These are small groups created around a shared passion. Whether that passion is animals, nature, sports, music, or maybe it's having a glass of wine and talking. These groups get together on an agreed upon schedule and practice Christian fellowship. It's not a bible study, its Christian fellowship. If you are interested, click here and let us know your interests! Dont see an interest that matches yours? Let us know we are always looking to start new groups

Altar Guild- The Altar Guild is a group whose responsibilities are to have a beautiful Altar for worship with the appropriate paraments, banners and usually a floral arrangement to enhance the service experience. We are also in charge of decorating the sanctuary for Christmas, Easter and other seasonal occasions. Usually, we alternate taking a month at a time to be responsible for the Altar and banners. Bigger decorating projects are a group effort.  We endeavor to keep the “flower room” tidy and plants watered.  The guild is always looking for fresh ideas and new people so if this is where your passion and talents lie, let the Pastor know and we will welcome you!

Hope UMC Blue Earth

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