Hope UMC Blue Earth

Hope UMC Blue Earth

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We gather for worship Sunday Mornings @9am. Or join us on Facebook to watch a live stream of our worship.

12080 380th Ave , Blue Earth , MN 56013
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Where is Home?

This is the question I want to impress on our kids this year. You see I don’t believe “Home” is dependent on a place or a situation. Were Paul and Silas in a safe comfortable house as they sang praises? No, they were in a cold dark prison chained to a wall. Look at Joseph serving in prison, or John the Baptist just before his death… How could they live in dire situations, yet their lives were filled with purpose and meaning? They weren’t bemoaning what they didn’t have – rather they were rejoicing in what they did have. Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior can fill every empty place in our hearts. He is our comfort in sadness, our strength in weakness, and our courage in the face of great change. Stability is not something most kids are offered right now. Their world is always changing. New teachers, new ideas, divorce, and separation from siblings. One week at Dad’s and the next at Mom’s. We don’t mean for it to happen to them, but it’s happening. I want to teach kids how to make their home with Jesus so no matter what life throws at them one thing remains the same. Stability, Purpose, identity, and Value all can be found through our Savior Jesus Christ. No change of location or situation can take that away. If Jesus becomes home base, then you are always able to go home.

Sunday School: Sunday School will begin October 16th during worship on Sunday mornings. Kids will begin in worship and then will go to their classrooms during the Sermon. They will be back in worship for the closing song! If you would like to help, please contact Brittany Parker

Early Release on Wednesdays: Every Wednesday during the school year from 2:15-4:15 we have programming for kids' pre-k through 6th grade. If you would like to help, please contact Brittany Parker

Hope UMC Blue Earth

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