Hope UMC Blue Earth

Hope UMC Blue Earth

Welcome to Hope UMC!

Three guiding principles:
GOD’S LOVE IS GREAT! We want you to experience the amazing love of Jesus.

GOD CALL US TO A NEW LIFE. We invite you to join us on the journey of being followers of Jesus Christ.

GOD’S WORD IS RELEVANT. We believe that God’s Word offers us hope and guidance for everyday life. We seek to be shaped by God’s truth through our daily Bible reading, small group studies, and teaching in our various weekly worship services.

12080 380th Ave , Blue Earth , MN 56013
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(507) 526-2144

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The United Methodist Church


We offer three unique weekly worship experiences:

Sundays, 9 a.m. – Traditional Service.  Everyone is welcome. Hymns with a few newer worship songs mixed in.  Traditional liturgy.  Sermons focused on clearly teaching the Bible.

Sundays, 11 a.m. – Family Friendly Service.  All are welcome, but this is aimed at families with younger children.  Contemporary worship music, kids are welcome to move around and participate, informal sharing and prayer, Bible teaching involves more object lessons and visuals.

Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. – YouthFUEL Worship Service.  All are welcome, but this aimed at families with teenagers.  We start with a meal at 6 pm.  Contemporary worship music, informal liturgy, Bible teaching is often shared via short video clips, break-out groups give opportunities to discuss teaching in small groups.

Communion is served on the first Sunday / Wednesday of every month.  We practice “open communion”.   If you are seeking to know Jesus better and build Your life in His love, you are very welcome to partake of communion. 

Here is our rationale for having three distinct worship services . . . 

Are you part of the growing number of people who have a strong faith in God, but are no longer meaningfully connected with a church?

There are many reasons why people stay away from church:

*The style of worship/music just doesn't speak to them.

*Feeling judged rather than accepted.

*Parents drained from battling unmotivated teenagers or attempting to "Shush" younger children.

*People are extremely busy...and tired.

At Hope Church, we have wrestled with these issues and have been experimenting with some positive steps to address these concerns.

Here's what we've concluded:

God Made Us All Unique!

Maybe God doesn't expect us all to worship in the same way.

*The cross shows us that God is loving and forgiving.

*We should be grateful that we focus on accepting others like we've been accepted by God.

*Jesus enjoyed being with kids.  So we have designed worship services to be kid/youth friendly.

*Worship is not another thing to check off the "to do list".

*Weekly worship services should refresh and renew us.

Do you related to any of this?  We invited you to check out one of our three weekly worship options.

Hope UMC Blue Earth

(507) 526-2144